some cool stuff about the tech things at home

Yeah so I like smart home stuff, and networking too. I run Home Assistant on a PINE A64+ 2GB that I got about 5 years ago. I got it in the Kickstarter campaign way back in 2016 so it's pretty cool, even if it's underpowered by modern standards.

Home Assistant is currently controlling our LIFX lights, our Somfy blinds (via Assistant Relay, hopefully one day by RF), and logs when we leave and enter our apartment. I also have a thingy that tells me the fuel prices at my local servo.

It also has Spotify and the weather configured, as well as my printer, but I don't really know what I might do with the printer integration yet.

I have some pretty interesting networking gear that works really nicely with Home Assistant:

Home Assistant connects to the UniFi Controller, which is running on an old computer I got from work. The PINE isn't beefy enough to run the controller alongside Home Assistant and a torrent client, and Duplicati backups, and Assistant Relay. Kinda seems like I'm asking a lot of such a little board.

I use the Unifi Controller integration to log when we leave and enter our apartment, a little Telegram bot controlled by Home Assistant also says goodbye and hello when we leave and come back!